L’Île des Revenants: Island of Returners

In 2016 I decided to follow in my late Grandfather’s footsteps and leave Glasgow to find a new life in the Caribbean, sailing and discovering my family’s roots in Antigua. I bought a boat and began a solo sailing adventure on the Anne Bonny. The blog that follows is a story of this journey, touching on […]

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The Dead Stations

A story told through original music and animation; combining live performance, recorded actors and projections. Written by Charlotte Hathaway, music and lyrics by Mike Vass. Mike Vass and Mairi Campbell come together to create a haunting landscape of music and song. “The whole forest has this feeling of going on forever. And if you lose track […]

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Dead Stations Sample Tracks & Trailer

Watch the animated trailer from our fantastic collaborators Nica Harrison and Atikah Zailani: Have a listen to samples from the upcoming show and release:

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Find out about my writing work and my work as an arts producer and project co-ordinator

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Latest Posts

With great bateau comes great responsibility

14th October 2019 | No Comments

What it’s like buying a boat for the first time Introducing Anne Bonny When I was a teenager dreaming of having a boat (a standard daydream), I felt like Anne Bonny would be a super cool name to choose because she was one of the few famous female Caribbean pirates, and ‘Mary Read’ just didn’t […]

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How to move to the Caribbean and get a boat

5th October 2019 | 2 Comments

I told my sister I was writing a blog, and very supportively she said ‘that’s fantastic, I’m sure you’d be good at that’. Then she wrinkled her brow when I said it was more of a memoire type narrative. ‘That’s not really what a blog is any more’, she said kindly. ‘They’re supposed to be […]

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Introduction to L’Île des Revenants: Island of Returners

28th September 2019 | 2 Comments

Image credit: BBC Part 1: Devil’s End My mother grew up in a village called Devil’s End. OK, in reality it was Aldbourne, a quintessential chocolate box in Wiltshire, but they filmed a series of Doctor Who outside her house in the 70s and for a while this was the main thing I associated with […]

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The Dead Stations at Hidden Door Festival

3rd May 2016 | No Comments

After a great live tour, we’re delighted to be showcasing the recorded version of The Dead Stations at Edinburgh’s Hidden Door Festival at the end of May. Hidden Door is a volunteer-run multi-arts festival dedicated to opening up disused spaces in Edinburgh, making them available to artists and emerging creative talent for new ideas and […]

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New Music video for Eyes Fixed

9th March 2016 | No Comments

The very talented Gavin Robinson has animated a new music video for one of the songs from The Dead Stations project, Eyes Fixed. Featuring vocals by Mairi Campbell, the song will be released on 18th March.

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Dead Stations CD available to buy

12th February 2016 | No Comments

They’ve arrived! 2 years in the making, The Dead Stations CDs are now a printed physical reality at the Unroofed offices. It’s not officially released until 11th March, but you can pre-order from Unroofed Records.

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