L’Île des Revenants: Island of Returners

In 2016 I decided to follow in my late Grandfather’s footsteps and leave Glasgow to find a new life in the Caribbean, sailing and discovering my family’s roots in Antigua. I bought a boat and began a solo sailing adventure on the Anne Bonny.

The blog that follows is a story of this journey, touching on my own experiences and topics that are important to sailors and those who live in this incredible region.

L’Île des Revenants is a nickname given to the French island of Martinique, and one that rings true, as no matter how many times I say I’m going to leave, I still come back.

1. Introduction: Devil’s End / You need a man

2. How to move to the Caribbean and get a boat

3. With great bateau comes great responsibility

4. Welcome to the Marty Party (aka How being a Language Assistant in Martinique fundamentally changed me)

5. F*** off and other things you can’t say to men in the Caribbean: A Smart Girl’s Survival Guide

6. There’s no ‘I’ in sailing (a catalogue of disasters)

7. Zen and the art of Seasickness

8. Crossing the Atlantic: isolation. mental health and leadership

9. Tropical Depression (aka the things we can’t control)

10. How to Survive a Hurricane

Bonus: Cruising luxuries aboard Anne Bonny

2 thoughts on “L’Île des Revenants: Island of Returners

  1. I think you are an inspiration. Especially to Preeya-Rose who is a young sailor learning the ropes,

  2. Awww thanks – can’t wait to hear updates on how Preeya-Rose’s sailing career is going

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