Cruising Luxuries aboard Anne Bonny

A little while ago I met some fabulous people who lived on a sailing boat somewhat bigger and better equipped than my own (understatement of the century). They were shocked that I cruised without basic things like a fridge or shelter in the cockpit. They sent me this great article from Yachting World, where seasoned […]

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With great bateau comes great responsibility

What it’s like buying a boat for the first time Introducing Anne Bonny When I was a teenager dreaming of having a boat (a standard daydream), I felt like Anne Bonny would be a super cool name to choose because she was one of the few famous female Caribbean pirates, and ‘Mary Read’ just didn’t […]

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How to move to the Caribbean and get a boat

I told my sister I was writing a blog, and very supportively she said ‘that’s fantastic, I’m sure you’d be good at that’. Then she wrinkled her brow when I said it was more of a memoire type narrative. ‘That’s not really what a blog is any more’, she said kindly. ‘They’re supposed to be […]

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